Banader Hotels

Principal Activity

The company built a five-star Hotel strategically located in Central Manama, Bahrain.  The Hotel is designed as an icon for the area and preferred address for the business community and family tourists.  The Hotel has 243 keys spread over 25 floors providing facilities and amenities required by guests. The hotel is run by the Rotana Group, and hence it is named Downtown Rotana Hotel.

Banader Hotels


Construction, investment and management of hotels, marina clubs and motels, and tourist restaurants of different categories in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and equipping and preparing them to receive guests or renting them to others, including engaging in the following hotel activities:

  • Short term accommodation activities.
  • Food and beverage service activities – with Sheesha; Sale of tobacco products; Catering services inside and outside the Hotel; and Sale/trade of food and beverages.
  • Washing and (dry-) cleaning of textile and fur products; Ironing of textiles and fur products; as well as providing such services to other external parties.
  • Hairdressing and other beauty treatment for gents and ladies; and Massage parlors and other relaxation and bathing techniques services.
  • Sale/trade of flowers, plants, seeds, and fertilizers.
  • Operating of Car Park.
  • Any other activities that are considered as hotel activities or related to it and have not been stated above.

Owning and hiring lands for the purpose of constructing and renting buildings for the Company, and which are necessary to achieve hotel and tourism industry purposes.

Investing and dealing in shares and bonds and investment funds and other investment papers and instruments inside and outside Bahrain for the Company only.

Selling and buying shares and securities for own-account only.

Activities of head offices or management offices – Hospitality Management of hotels, hotel apartments, furnished apartments (tourist); and tourist restaurants.

Participating in the establishment of companies which conducts business similar to that of the Company in the Kingdom of Bahrain and subscribing to their shares.

The Company is permitted, in general, to cooperate with establishments that conduct similar businesses or to assist them in achieving their purposes inside and outside the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Company is also permitted to partner with the establishments, stated in the above paragraph, merge into them, buy them or take them over.